ForGE Compilation Issues

So the instructions for compiling ForGE were lacking the linker arguments for gtk-fortran (which is required). Technically, I did say that gtk-fortran was a requirement, but I suppose my goal to help simply Fortran development wasn’t quite met by leaving that part out. However, I have fixed the readme.txt file to reflect the proper linker arguments that are required. Sorry.

And I had previously left out the forge.mod file that was required to compile the entire framework. So yeah, that’s in there now. Everything should work. Please let me know if it doesn’t.

Finally, I haven’t updated the instructions or the wiki to reflect the new functions/widgets that are available. I will soon. But until then, the test.f90 file should give several examples of how to use them.

On a brighter note, the framework is starting to come together to look much better. Widget placement looks better, and I’m gaining finer control over each piece. I’m currently attempting to incorporate PLPlot into the whole thing, so graphing will soon be available (I hope).


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